Tuesday, February 21, 2012

. begin .

I've always had sketchbooks where I doodled and wrote;
especially in my teens and years after.

But recently I havent been able to keep one.
Feels like if I am spending time doodling in a book I should be working on actual projects and pieces for shows.
I've also found other outlets for exploring and sharing via blogs and instagram.

I just havent given myself the time to sit down alone in silence and jot down quick sketches and random ideas.
I miss that.
Am just noticing I seem to be repeating comfortable routines during the days;
and am slowly molding into it with age.

We all need a little slap in the butt sometimes.
Just a reminder to change things up a bit.
Step out of the norm. Be spontaneous. Try something new and challenging.

Am mostly thinking about this now,
because I have a series of painting I need to start tackling for a show in September.
The last time I was working for a big show was a few months ago,
and in the meantime I've been finishing up some small side projects that were honestly pretty refreshing.

Now... I must face another big one;
and trying to figure out how to begin...


  1. I've been thinking the *exact* same thing recently. I don't have a sketchbook either, and I envy when I see other artists that fill their books with beautiful things. Maybe you could watch a ton of beautiful films or dramas, just steep your mind in them until the new inspiration comes to you. Hope so! <3

    1. this is true. i forget to dive in to those sometimes. its a bit rare for me to come across a film that completely WOWS me, but when they do come along, its so surpising/refreshing!

    2. My friend runs a site that reviews TONS of Asian & Japanese movies in great detail with photos and trailers so you can see what you'd like to watch. Hopefully it might be useful to you! http://japancinema.net/reviews-index

  2. When I was younger I always had sketchbooks but they were more for school and had to be neat and tidy. When I was in college I had more freedom with my sketchbooks. It was a place to scribble ideas and doodles make notes write lyrics or cover the whole thing in wax. Unfortunately I never did keep a sketchbook in Uni I always had my work up on the wall or on random bits of paper. Thinking about it now having no sketchbook is probably the reason I always felt detached from my work. I had no foundation and that is kind of what I think a sketchbook is.

  3. I feel like this all the time myself. When I was younger, that sketchbook never left my side! Life becomes more complicated the older you get, and it seems like we never have enough time for everything.

    I will say that (when I force myself to use it) it's nice to have the sketchbook around to put down a rough idea when it strikes, you can always revisit it later when inspiration is not coming naturally!

  4. I know that "neglected sketchbook" feeling too well. And I know that routine feeling also. I personally find I do my best sketching when I am ignoring real work that needs to be done, the more it builds up the better my drawings are ha ha. Maybe after this big show you should make some time to get in trouble, invite some monsters into your life and let them slap you around a bit before drawing again. Hope youre doing well at this point :)